We Invent
Terrifying Charity
Haunted Houses


Mission Statement:
Bring together family, friends and coworkers that share the  love of role-play and all things Halloween to entertain and delight others.
Create a Halloween Haunted House experience  to provide entertainment for children of all ages AND raise money for a charitable organization.
1. Focus on fun for all; volunteers and customers alike.
2. Benefit a charitable organization.
3. Create an event that is a different haunt experience.
4. Obtain Corporate sponsors for donations/material
5. Create learning opportunity for teens; acting, props, lighting, communication, planning, etc.

This year's haunt is called Blind Terror in honor of this year's charity. Check out the event link.
Which charity is WITCHH?
This year, WITCHH is raising donations for 2020VisionQuest.  Their mission:

2020 Vision Quest leads and inspires students and professionals to reach beyond adversity and achieve their peak potential. We believe in leading by example, in climbing the highest peaks, and in sharing our successes and challenges with each other. Funds raised through these endeavors will be given to two remarkable organizations which benefit the visually impaired community: the Future in Sight and the internationally renowned Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Visit them at 2020visionquest.org/